Denver Society of Creation

In the Beginning, God…

March 7, 2024 7:00 PM

Mr. Zion Lutheran Church, 500 Drake Street, Denver, CO

Dr. Frank Sherwin

The Recovery of Mt. St. Helens (MSH)

After the eruption of MSH the blast area looked like a lunar landscape. It was predicted by some that it would take many decades for animals & plants to repopulate the blast zone. Surprisingly, this was not the case. Dr. Sherwin looks at brand-new islands such as the origin and rapid colonization of Surtsey in 1963. Creation ecologists have extrapolated the rapid recovery of MSH to what happened directly after the Flood 4500 years ago. About Dr. Sherwin: Frank Sherwin received his bachelor’s degree in biology from Western State College, Gunnison, Colorado, in 1978. He attended graduate school at the University of Northern Colorado, where he studied under the late Gerald D. Schmidt, one of the foremost parasitologists in America. In 1985, Dr. Sherwin obtained a master’s degree in zoology. He published his research in the peer-reviewed Journal of Parasitology. In 2021, he received an Honorary Doctorate of Science from Pensacola Christian College. He contributes his scientific expertise to a variety of ICR’s publications on creation science and is one of ICR’s most sought-after speakers. He is the author of The Ocean Book and Guide to Animals, co-author of The Fossil Record: Unearthing Nature’s History of Life and the Human Body: An Intelligent Design, and a contributor to Guide to Creation Basics and Creation Basics & Beyond. To Print a Flyer, Click Here:

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